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Digital services for local health and well-being

Doctor and patient

Your pharmacy is the first point of contact for the health inquiries of the local community. Enhance your offer with a portable, easy-to-use digital system for a diverse range of diagnostic assessments.


All vitals in minutes

Blood pressure is one of the most frequently measured vitals. The MESI mTABLET BP makes it even faster with a digital arm cuff of different sizes and advanced analysis options. Add oximetry, spirometry, one-minute ABI/TBI or even ECG on the same device for comprehensive diagnostics, and instantly share the results to a GP at a different location.

Protocols at a click of a button

Do your screening services extend beyond vitals? Carry out cholesterol checks, diabetes screenings, hearing tests or even services like vaccinations by using the Protocol App on the MESI mTABLET. Create custom patient questionnaires to guide you step by step through the patient interview and examination process.

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