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Primary care

Effective disease prevention and discovery, one patient at a time

Doctor and patient

The MESI mTABLET helps realise the most important goal of your primary care facility: to monitor your patients’ health long-term. It combines six different diagnostic modules, electronic patient records and additional medical apps.


On-time disease discovery

Only early is fast enough. Discover major threats like PAD in beginning stages. Prevent a number of severe outcomes by monitoring cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary health parameters.

All-round diagnostics

ECG, blood pressure, ABI/TBI, spirometer, and pulse oximeter modules on one device. Add more medical apps depending on your practice needs.

Automatic exam protocols

Asthma, chronic wounds and long COVID are only some conditions where ongoing primary care monitoring is required. Create an automatic workflow to guide you through the examination process.
Image comparing time of traditional and MESI mTABLET ABI measurement

Instant measurements

Win more time for the patient, and instantly share their anonymised measurement results with a specialist or for a second opinion. The diagnosis will be so much faster.
Searching for patient records on computer, compared to drawer of paper records

No more paper

Utilise your space capacities to the maximum. Keep all diagnostic results on the MESI mTABLET and instantly access them on your phone or computer.
Doctor looking at a graph on MESI mTABLET

Predictive medical assessment

Another helpful resource for GPs to accelerate diagnosis and treatment. With tools like AI, our aim is to help make predictions on the future development of various conditions.

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