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Elderly care

Perform all basic diagnostic measurements on the spot

Doctor and patient

In unclear health situations, elderly residents are often taken to an external facility for basic diagnostic check-ups due to equipment lack. As a nursing home or an elderly care provider, you now have a much better alternative: the MESI mTABLET, which enables ECG, BP, SpO2, spirometry, ABI and TBI measurements on one device.

Hospitalisation prevention

Lessen the stress and risk for the residents, unburden your staff, and reduce the number of emergency transports.

All-round diagnostics

Make comprehensive diagnostics part of your care offer at your client’s private or nursing home. All diagnostic modules fit into a handy carry-on bag or on a trolley.

Nursing home care

A resident who feels unwell can have a basic diagnostic check-up within minutes in the comfort of their room. Instantly forward the results to the GP or hospital for consultation.

Private elderly care

Enhance your services at the patient’s home by offering regular and emergency diagnostic check-ups. You can also create a patient check-up protocol for consistent care even if the staff changes.

Continuing care

Do patients in your care have complex and unpredictable needs? Use the MESI mTABLET system for regular monitoring of diverse vitals.

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