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Inpatient care

From effective to superior medical treatment

Doctor and patient

Regardless of the type of your facility, maximum device mobility is necessary. Multiple pieces of diagnostic hardware can take a lot of space and obstruct the monitoring and examination process. The MESI mTABLET is a one-point solution for comprehensive basic diagnostics.


All in one

Achieve maximum efficiency at minimum time expenditure. Use ECG, BP, oximetry, spirometry, ABI/TBI and clinical support apps on one device.

Effective administrartion

Make paper ECG results, heavy files and mislaid charts a thing of the past. All measurements and visual files are instantly saved into MESI mRECORDS, with the possibility of EHR integration.

Instant secon opinion

Fast diagnostic result sharing is vital for achieving the optimum outcome for your patients. Make it instant by forwarding them to a doctor or specialist by email. The patient data is anonymised.

Preoperative carev

No special ECG room required! Carry out basic diagnostic measurements in one examination room or directly at the patient’s bed. Take advantage of specialised medical apps, e.g. advanced arterial age assessment with the one-minute Pulse Wave Velocity App.

Postoperative care

Explore a variety of medical apps for patients who do not require non-stop monitoring. Advanced blood pressure measurings (aBP, DBP, aDBP) are some of many options. Compare the results in one digital file and add any visual documentation through the Photo App.

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